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Fact Sheet

Studio Name:

Kindred Spirit Games




Megan Ralph, Design Director
Joel Herber, Technical Director

Founding Date:

Early 2024

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Kindred Spirit Games

Studio Bio

Kindred Spirit Games is an indie game studio co-founded by Megan Ralph and Joel Herber, who have both led departments on renowned titles such as Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, as well as L.A. Noire, the upcoming indie game Summerhill, and the Alto’s Adventure series. The duo’s extensive background in the industry has equipped them with the skills and vision needed to create games that stand out in the market.

Our Mission

Kindred Spirit Games was born from a shared dream to create games for an underserved market, specifically women who desire a core gameplay experience coupled with an emphasis on elements relevant and engaging to them like strong narrative and multilayered characters. The studio aims to set a new standard for a healthier, more creative, and more productive studio culture by focusing on strong communication, emotional maturity, and sustainable growth. “When we were working together on Fall Guys we realised just how much we could achieve and how well we work together. We’re really excited to build a game studio founded on efficient ways of working, good communication, and colloboration” said Joel Herber.

What to Expect

The studio is currently in the prototyping phase of their debut title. While details are still under wraps, Megan and Joel promise a game that channels their passion and expertise into an experience that will captivate and challenge players.